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Taxi essen

Taxi essen is your trusted taxicab and taxi in the city of Eickel, Germany. We provide transport services that are high in quality and can meet any need you might have.

“Taxi essen ” is not just a website, it’s a community. A place where you can share experiences and find help with taxi, airport and travel issues.

Taxi essen

Because TAXI ARNU is number 1 when it comes to phone numbers and addresses. We always offer the best taxi services. Our taxi services are reliable and affordable. You can enjoy our taxi services 24 hours a day. So if you want to get a taxi to Taxi essen Contact Us and book a taxi at your home or anywhere you need. Our taxi services in Gelsenkirchen are extensive for your personal mobility in all situations. We always offer fast taxi Taxi Arnu Gelsenkirchen


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Our Services

  • Taxi in Gelsenkirchen-Taxi rides
  • Taxi for airport transfer
  • rehabilitation and spa trips
  • Taxi in Amsterdam
  • medical trips
  • handicapped transport service
  • courier trips
  • Taxi in Gelsenkirchen – pilot rides
  • Taxi for school trips
  • Taxi for long-distance travel
  • Taxi for rail replacement service
  • Taxi kids on board
  • Taxi for cemetery transfer
  • Corona shopping taxi
  • Taxi in Gelsenkirchen sightseeing
  • Taxi essen

Friendly, fast, and safe

We are there for you in Gelsenkirchen – 24/7

Friendly taxi ückendorf

We are always helpful and friendly. Maximum customer satisfaction is an absolute priority for us.


Discreetly and professionally we drive our customers from A to B.


Our taxi service will pick you up reliably and bring you to your desired destination Keeping agreements is one of our maxims.

Taxi essen

Fair taxi prices in Gelsenkirchen – Taxi essen

A taxi is a form of public transport that is used to occasionally transport people. Taxi in Bochum-Hordel. All taxi companies are bound to the tariffs in the mandatory driving area. For you as a passenger, this means that the prices for the taxi ride are almost the same within the mandatory driving area. These have been determined by the approval authority. As a result, the mandatory driving area must be specified in a document. This document is called “Taxi Tariff Regulations”. As a result, you can find the mandatory driving area for taxis in Gelsenkirchen in the taxi tariff regulations of the city of Gelsenkirchen. The state government or the agency authorized by it issues the taxi tariff regulations.

Ensuring the correct fare

The price of a taxi ride may not seem entirely clear to the passenger at first glance. But this is by no means not the case. The price for the taxi ride is made up of clear proportions of the basic fee, kilometer allowance, waiting allowance and any surcharges according to the tariffs. The fixed prices may neither be undercut nor exceeded. Calibration offices determine the correct display of the fare on the taximeter. They only allow a deviation from the target state within a tolerable framework. This ensures that the fare is calculated correctly. Minor deviations within the tolerance range do not lead to an excessive or too low fare. In order to always enable correct fares for taxi customers in Gelsenkirchen, the competent authorities check the taximeters for attempts at manipulation. Manipulation of the taximeter can be recognized by the open seal on the taximeter. Licensing authorities and calibration offices punish attempts at manipulation by randomly and unannounced checking the taximeters of taxis at taxi ranks, for example for damage to the calibration seal.

Cost transparency for the passenger

The taxi operator must make the fare visible to the passenger by means of an illuminated fare indicator. When starting the journey, the driver must switch on the fare display. When ordering by telephone, the driver may only switch on the fare display at the ordering address. In addition, he must immediately inform the customer of his arrival. In the case of pre-orders, the driver may switch on the fare display from the specified time. It may happen that the fare display no longer works correctly. In such cases, the taxi driver must inform the passenger immediately. Then the fare should be calculated based on the distance traveled. Fair dealings between the taxi driver and the customer and vice versa is a desirable goal for the taxi trade in Gelsenkirchen.

Fair taxi rates in Gelsenkirchen

In the NRW average, the Gelsenkirchen taxi rate can be described as fair. In the ranking list of the most expensive taxis in Amsterdam, the taxi tariff in Gelsenkirchen ranks 166th out of 216. There are no plans to increase taxi prices in Gelsenkirchen in the foreseeable future. For you it means that you can be driven by taxi in Gelsenkirchen at a fair price. If you drive short distances with several people, the taxi can even be the cheaper alternative to regular transport. In the case of carriage outside the mandatory cruising area, however, the carriage charges are freely negotiated and are generally very fair for the customer.

About Us

Our taxi company in Gelsenkirchen offers you reliable passenger transport. In addition to conventional taxi rides, our range of services also includes airport transfers, ambulance transport, cemetery transfers, etc. We comply with our operational and transport obligations to the best of our knowledge and belief For us, it is particularly important that our guests are satisfied with our service. We always carry out taxi rides in Gelsenkirchen in a customer-oriented manner.

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